Quality Heat Pump Repair and Replacement in Mendon

Not only can an electric heat pump warm your home in Mendon, it can cool it too. When stacked up against a traditional heating systems—like a gas furnace—you’ll also likely have a reduced electrical bill.

Heat pumps accompany an air handler, which distributes air throughout your home. While an air handler might look like a furnace, it doesn’t produce heat through fuel combustion. However, some air handler models may have secondary electric heating or cooling parts to help out the heat pump.

When you need heat pump service or heat pump repair, call Jergens Heating & Air. We can repair any type of heat pump.

Poor Maintenance Can Cost You

A poorly maintained system can cost you. On average, an uncared-for heat pump can consume 10 to 25 percent more energy, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. It’s also more likely to break down or not last as long.

When your HVAC system isn’t providing the best home heating or isn’t working properly, try our troubleshooting list below.

  • No heat: Check your thermostat is positioned to “on” and “heat.” Next, make sure a circuit breaker hasn’t tripped. Recently replaced your thermostat? Make sure it’s a model compatible with heat pumps and wired correctly.
  • Insufficient heat: Filthy filters, fan and coils can limit airflow and harm your system. Change your filter once a month, clean the unit’s coils and fan, and get rid of yard debris that may have gathered around it. Your system may also have blocked air ducts, faulty valves or poor refrigeration flow.
  • Cold air instead of heat: Air from a heat pump won’t be as hot as a forced air furnace. But if the air still seems too cold, set the thermostat to emergency heat and at least 5 degrees above the inside temperature. If you get warm air, there may be a problem with your outdoor unit. Cold air means there’s possibly an issue with your thermostat or air handler. Your system may have also gone into defrost mode to prevent icing up. If you see frost or ice on the outdoor coil, your unit may have a defective defroster timer or control module, or it could be low on refrigerant.
  • Heat pump turns on and off frequently: Replace your air filter and then check your thermostat, because it may need to be adjusted or need new batteries. If it’s cold and your system is on all the time, the thermostat may be set too high. Also, some heat pumps have trouble heating around 25 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Rattling, grinding or squealing noises: If you hear rattling, try tightening the cover panels. If you hear grinding or squealing, stop using your system and call Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning. This could indicate a serious problem.

Still having trouble with your heat pump? Jergens Heating & Air can help. Once we have your heat pump working, consider signing up for our annual service plan that may help you avoid expensive repairs afterward. Routine service may also add to your heat pump’s energy efficiency.

Should I Repair or Replace My Heat Pump?

When you’re faced with an expensive repair for your heat pump, it may be time to get a new one.

Your system may need to be replaced when it:

  • Isn’t providing consistent heating and cooling
  • Needs constant repairs
  • Is inflating utility bills, even though you haven’t raised or lowered thermostat settings
  • Is more than 10 years old

When it comes to heat pump replacement or heat pump installation, Jergens Heating & Air can help you choose and install an energy-efficient model that’s right for your home. We can also help determine whether your air handler needs to be replaced too.

You can count on a clean installation and an in-depth system check before we leave. This makes sure your new system is running properly and that you know how to use it.