Don’t Sweat Air Conditioning Repairs

in Mendon

Air conditioner won’t start? Cooling system making odd noises after beginning? Don’t sweat it. Expert Jergens Heating & Air technicians are ready to help when you need air conditioning repairs in Mendon.

Common Problems with Air Conditioning Systems

These are some of the most regular issues with AC systems. You might be able to handle some of these things on your own. However, you should contact us if your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant or making unusual noises.

  • Air conditioner won’t turn on: Make sure the thermostat is correctly set before checking the electrical panel for a tripped breaker.
  • Air isn’t cold: Verify thermostat settings are right. Then change the air filter, if you haven’t done this in the past few months. A clean air filter can improve efficiency and indoor air quality. Make sure the outdoor unit is clear of debris and that it isn’t leaking refrigerant.
  • Uneven cooling: Fluctuating temperatures are often caused by leaky ducts, poor insulation or blocked registers. If none of those things are causing the problem, consider adding blackout curtains on south-facing windows. You can also buy a zoning system to control temperatures in specific rooms.
  • Water dripping from unit: Examine the condensate line for clogs. This is the PVC pipe exiting the air conditioner. Leaking refrigerant can also cause ice to build up on the coils and drip water.
  • Air conditioner is making strange noises: Screeching, clanging, banging or clicking sounds indicate potentially serious problems. Turn your system off and call Jergens Heating & Air.

Count on Professional Service from Our Technicians

Jergens Heating & Air can find the problem if your air conditioner won’t start or isn’t working properly.

Our technicians are among the finest in the industry. Count on them to give excellent customer service and customer satisfaction.

Neglected routine service? A lack of routine service can cause your air conditioning system to break down.

We can advise you on a maintenance plan that could limit expensive repairs and may make your central air cool more efficiently. That could save you more money in the long run.