Top Air Conditioning Maintenance

in Mendon

Routine service from Jergens Heating & Air could help you prevent pricey air conditioner repairs in Mendon. It could also enhance the efficiency of your air conditioning system, helping you save money.

A well-maintained cooling system can make your home more comfortable during humid summers in Mendon. Routine maintenance may help your AC system last longer as well.

Tune-Ups Can Help Your Air Conditioner Last Longer

Get your air conditioner prepared for high temperatures with a Precision Tune-Up from Jergens Heating & Air.

During a tune-up, our professionals will inspect your system and ensure it’s working efficiently.

When you choose Jergens Heating & Air, you’ll receive quality service from our technicians.

Thinking about an annual maintenance plan from Jergens Heating & Air? Consider these outcomes—potentially less expensive cooling bills and a prolonged life span for your air conditioning system.

We’ll Take a Close Look at Your System

Our Experts will look over and clean essential parts of your air conditioner during maintenance. Some of the work during a tune-up includes:

  • Tightening electrical connections: This ensures your system is running safely.
  • Lubricating parts: When your system isn’t lubricated, resistance from moving parts can cause it to break down more often or more quickly.
  • Cleaning the condensate drain line: Cleaning this line takes care of mold and clogs, which can cause leaks.
  • Cleaning the condenser coil and evaporator coil: These coils become dirty over time, decreasing airflow and the capacity to absorb heat.
  • Straightening coil fins: Aluminum fins on the coils can bend and decrease airflow.
  • Examining system controls: This makes sure your system is starting, running and shutting down correctly.

Between tune-ups, there’s some routine maintenance you should be doing yourself.

  • Change the air filter: We recommend putting in a new air filter every few months. This helps your air conditioner run more efficiently. You may have to replace your filter more frequently if you have pets or someone in your household has allergies.
  • Remove debris: Leaves, dirt and grass clippings can build up on the outside of your system. This can limit capacity and reduce airflow. Shrubs and plants near the unit should be kept trimmed back.